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Dsquared2 boots aren made for skating Italian fashion designers Dan and Dean Caten have called on their Canadian heritage for their tongue-in-cheek yet completely serious new line of skate boots. Sure, there are blades on the bottom of the gleaming black leather Skate Moss line in the brothers' fall collection. The Toronto-born twins introduced the boots - in low-cut shoe, ankle and high boot versions at up to $1,900 a pair - from their latest DSquared2 collection at Milan's fall/winter show. "The look was sort of rebel pioneer," Dean Caten told the Toronto Star from Italy. "We love heels and ice, so slide on by." And they're selling like hotcakes on a frosty Canadian winter morning. "We've sold tons of them, surprisingly," Caten said. "We can't keep them in the store. "They've become this sort of an icon piece of the season for our customers."

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